Love ordering from this Carryout the food is always hot and delicious.🥰😋😃
Sharon N
My sister said that the Shrimp Egg Foo Young was very tasty as usual. However, the chicken wings are getting smaller and smaller every time I order them. Also, I would like to have a choice of French fries, fried rice, or white rice without having to call in and place my order. The order of gravy is always excellent because I order it with NO SALT since I have High Blood Pressure issues. But, it is not on the menu anywhere, so I have to pay the driver for it.
Always the best food and service.
I ordered online and picked up the food. It was ready and hot. I was pleasantly surprised with how full of wontons the wonton soup was!
Sharon N
I have been a customer of Golden China ever since they first opened, and have never ordered and received food that was not tasty. For those of you who have complained about the food being bland, they supply all the condiments you could ask for. However, they have learned from many customers that they cannot over-saturate the food with salt, pepper, or hot mustard unless the customer requests it because many of us have blood pressure or other medical conditions that prohibit us from having those items. If you ask for what you want, they will be very gracious and supply your condiments!
Good perfect timing. He is friendly. Communication is excellent.
Food was good. Ribs I was confused but it was good. Driver need make friendly greeting. Make me think he doesn't want work.
So delicious even as leftovers the next day
Fast and great customer service.
Can you tell the delivery driver to call me when he's outside 240-743-6052
Sharon N
First time in many years I was not happy with my order! Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables were salty; 8 chicken wings were cooked too hard; and, the Egg Drop Soup was soupy instead of thick and rich the way it usually is.
The food was tasty and well prepared, with the exception of the egg roll. Although delicious, I did find a single strand of hair in the egg roll. I'm not squeamish or get completely disgusted when this happens because (1) it's just a hair, and (2) it was deep fried (does that help?). I would recommend the General Tso's, and I would return for more food here, but I will stay away from the egg roll.
We are frequent customers. The delivery service is usually less than 45 minutes and very pleasant. The fried chicken is a favorite and very good, not too greasy or over cooked. The boneless ribs are delicious and all portion sizes are generous. As Chinese restaurants go, the food is not above average but I would definitely recommend them over others we have tried.
Hot, fresh, delicious, delivered in a timely fashion.
Sharon N
The Jumbo Fried Shrimp have too much breading on them. The Bacon, Egg and Cheese Lunch Special is fixed the way I ask for it, as is the Shrimp Fried Rice Lunch Special. The Chicken Wings are getting smaller and with less meat on them than I am accustomed to.
Any questions please call us.